lemon zest

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 16:54 -- jvdith


The change of seasons is sounded with a light breeze

Autumn arrives with the sound of crunching leaves,

The start of a great harvest for a new beginning

This beauty, however, eventually leaves,

Bringing a new era of hope, slowly growing


Winter comes with brutal winds that make us cold

While children catch colds and hear christmas stories being told

The frosty air draws forth an eerie sight

As the horizon brings the dark night

Yet, the soup boils and mugs are filled,

Families gather by fires, their bodies no longer chilled


Spring is near, flowers bloom, and animals free

The earthy smell rises from underneath

Like graduating seniors who spring up with glee,

Eventually earning their own degree


Summer follows with its hot, sunny days

While people make their way

Building sand castles and crashing into waves

As lovers intertwine and fit hand in hand, unable to behave

The zest craved in life can bring the heat

Like the zest of lemons, sour yet sweet


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