Leaving It All Behind


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Friday, the seventh day of June, two thousand and thirteen;
The day I graduated high school.
Everyone says that a chapter is closing as the next opens,
And they are all telling the truth.
Bittersweet is the most overused oxymoron,
But it truly describes how I feel.
I am excited to begin college and pursue my dream,
And also upset to leaving those I love.
Not only will I be leaving my family,
But I will be leaving the friends that I have made,
The teachers that I love and respect,
And my whole way of life.
However, I will make new friends,
Learn from new teachers and professors,
Change how I do a lot of things,
And learn to adapt to the differences.
I can’t wait to see what the next four years hold
Not only for me, but for my family,
As they help me through this time,
And my friends as they experience it for themselves.





You may not have had the same high school experience that I did, so you are in no position to make judgments about the way I felt. If you can actually muster up something intelligent, then feel free to comment. Until then, don't leave nasty remarks on something that I put time and effort into.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

as you enter a new chapter in your life

adapt to different setting, get involved with activities

gain much more experience

very reflective and creative

continue to build off your ideas


*i would report about nasty comment-unacceptable

no one should ever put down any poet's work

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