Learning how to dance

I wanted to write a poem for him  
But I kept scribbling the words 
And smudging 
them with my left hand 
I looked up tutorials on confession 
I studied thesauruses 
I thought I was on the right track 
Then I looked back and anger threw
the pages across the room 
I sat there drowning in music
I never learned to dance to
See, I grew up calling my mom "dad" 
And I raised my older brother 
And I worked since I was 8 
I learned how to cook and clean
But I never learned how to hold someone
or dry tears off his cheeks 
I learned how to bandage bruises 
and hide scars 
But I never learned how to smile
when I realized iv never seen anything
more beautiful then him 

And no I will not tell him I love him 

Because the beauty of love 
lies not within the word itself 
It lives in the sunsets we've watched 
It swims in our laugh
It reflects off the stars
singing to us the sounds of music
I'm finally learning how to dance to 
No I will not tell him I love him 
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