Learn From the Past

You grabbed my wrist, 

Dragged me towards you.

A deep purple formed there to 

Remind me of you throughout the following weeks.

The same dark hues that graced my cheek

A matching set completed.

I love you, please, stay, I love you.

Face hot with tears I pulled away

Walked out, looked back before shutting the door

Only to see you on your knees

A defeated look in your eyes.

I hesitated, you rose,

I shut the door.

I will not give in again. 

I’m stronger now

I see our relationship for what it was.

For you-

Power from the ability to manipulate and control.

For me-

A learning experience.


So looking past your abuse,

Both emotional and physical,

I thank you.

For the ability to understand what love

Is not.

And inspiring me to show love as it’s meant to be shown.

And to never make someone suffer with

What you put me through.



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