Late Nights

I’m not gone lie 

nights are a little lonely when you’re not there 

No laughter

No exchange of I love you

No call 

No text 

Just me wallowing in my thoughts 

Contemplating if I should call 

Text you to just say I love you 

But I don’t....

Every 20 minutes I’m checking my phone just to see if you are thinking of me


My sleep is disturbed now

how do you sleep so peacefully ?

When you didn’t even speak to me

No how was your day ? 

Or did you make it home OK? 

While I lie here awake 

Wondering about you 

But not once did you even try to check on me

So why am I the one losing sleep ? 

How do you even get this power over me? 

It’s 12:30 am

You’re in your world where I no longer exist 

And I’m here wishing I would at least cross your mind 

I know you won’t answer 

Even if I really needed you 

I clear my eyes to search your name

And it’s rings……

I’m sorry you have reached a voicemail 

That has not been set up yet.



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