Late Night Thoughts

As soon as I say something negative, I am perceived as a bad person.

If I’m asked to give an opinion on something, and I give my honest feelings, I am deemed a bitch if what I say doesn’t match what the person wanted to hear.

Would you like the lie to come with a bit more honey and sugar? Or how about our own hit, the white lie, it's our top seller!

People don't want to hear the sharp truth. They are too afraid of getting cut by it.

They'd much rather drink up the sweet tasting poison of a lie that can numb the pain of the truth till death do they part.


And I am no different.

I've never been good at hearing criticism.

I can't hold myself together when someone is brutally honest.

I want to show myself as tough in front of others, but as soon as I fight with my family I'm always the first and only one to cry.

The strong facade only works in front of those that don't know the real me. I know the real me?


What kind of person am I anyway?

I must be a hypocrite.


I am a hypocrite.

I say things I don't mean, then get mad when others do the same to me.

I tell myself that it's not ok to harshly judge a person I don't even know, and yet I still find myself doing exactly that.

I am quick to blame society for all the problems in the world, forgetting that I am a part of that same society.

How does it go again?

Oh. Right.

We blame society but we are society.

That is what I am.

Another sheep of society.


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