Last Year Was the Year I Fell

Last year was the year I fell and couldn't get up

We hoped and we wished but it was never enough

It started with you and I ended alone

Last year was the year I fell on my own


I learned to forgive but I can't forget

I learned to give all that I could get

I learned it's your heart that makes you beautiful

I finally experienced a heart that was full


So quickly I learned how it all could change

I watched the people around me suffer losses with shame

We lost you and I learned how cold the world was

It was real and it was everything they didn't tell us


Last year you broke and subsequently I did too

I watched you suffer not knowing what to do

You made me feel helpless inside

I'm sorry


Last year was the year I fell


Fell for all the tricks and the lies

Fell for the stories and the sadness inside

Submission to the dark

In a world where the light is hidden


I learned and I grew but I'm still not where I need to be

You taught me what I need

I felt love and I felt hate

I was confused and needed an escape


I wanted to be everything all at once

And was overwhelmed by the feelings that overcame my heart

I was lost and still remain unfound

But I got back somehow


I allowed my mind to go to all the places I know

And opened my soul to the places I wanted to go

Somewhere through it all I got some clarity

And saw life in all its brevity


Last year was the year I fell


Last year was the year I fell

I had finally started to get up

And believe I had it all

That things weren't bad after all


I was happy too

With the people who cared

Or at least seemed to

Last year I learned


I learned what it meant to be a true friend

A sister

A daughter

No difference between them


I made a choice of who to let in

And regret nothing since then

To love and to be loved

By whomever is in


Last year was the year I fell


I watched a world fueled by hate

And people engulfed in its flame

I watched the best of us fall in despair

Longing for a world that may no longer be there


Last year it felt distant

People were not the same

We were far apart

With many reasons to blame


Saddened by the hate I still believed in love

In a hope of something coming

Something greater than us

Last year was the year we changed


Beneath it all I feel brand new

I'm not the same person I once knew

Last year I grew and you taught me how

Last year I loved the best I know how


Last year was the year I fell and picked myself back up

Even though the battle felt tough

Last year I learned who I want to be

I fell and became the best me


Last year was the year my life changed

For better rather than worse

Last year I was happy and sad and confused

Last year I found my muse


Last year I fell deeply in love with myself

With my skin with the world

With the color yellow

And with you


Last year









This year I have no intention to

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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