Mon, 04/08/2019 - 05:23 -- Cullan

Valentines Day wasn’t great.

I wasn’t in the best mental state.

I liked a girl but I didn’t know she had a boyfriend

I asked her out, that friendship was an end

I was embarrassed. I was depressed.

Took 30 sleeping pills. Decided to go for a rest.

I have the picture too. It’s on my phone.

My heart is broken. It should have been a bone.

Accepted to college! Like 2 months ago.

Let’s meet some friends to boost my ego.

Downloaded snapchat. This app is lame.

It took me a while to type in my name.

No one can pronounce it. No one can spell

It doesn’t matter. I was sick. I was not well.

Ring Ring! Do you comprehend?

Anthony wants to be your friend.

Wow, making a friend is that easy now?

I have a friend somehow?

I was added to a groupchat nice and dandy.

Met some girls. Met some guys. I was a randy.

Showed up to an open house. I was shy.

I didn’t know if I was happy or wanted to cry.

Everyone said I was nice. 

I’m now the guy people go to for advice.

Then I messaged this girl. She was pretty.

She laughed at my stupid jokes out of pity.

I liked her a lot. She was a good pal.

She really boosted my morale.

Every morning, I’d say hi!

Every night, I’d say bye!

She was a friend. My only one.

I don’t even know if we’re done.

I know she is taken. I didn’t try to flirt.

Now I’m upset that she’s hurt.

I loved her as a friend.

Can our bond amend?

What did I do wrong?

I thought our friendship was strong.

Every night I wonder if you’re alright. 

From dusk until the morning light.

But I did something. I know it.

She’s says I didn’t. I don’t believe it.

I told her I love you. That is true

I love her as a friend and that’s what they do

She was sad. I tried to cheer her up.

Made her a video. Complimented her makeup. 

I always asked her if she was okay.

But when she says yes. I’m like no way.

I know you too well. I know when you’re sad.

I know I did something to make you mad.

I told you stuff about my day.

You responded ‘nice’ so I’d go away.

We have a lot in common. We’re the same.

I knew that when I gave you your nickname.

Capricorn. That’s who you are.

The most beautiful star.

Every guy has feelings he can’t control.

I know you’re taken. I’ve fallen into a hole.

I said something that’s making us end.

I didn’t call you my love. I called you my friend

History always repeats itself. 

I made you cry, I hurt myself.

I’m not the nice guy. I hurt others

How can I be a friend when I’m a bother?

The last week has sucked. 

My friendships are fucked.

I want to I’m sorry. I want to be your friend.

I don’t want to put this friendship to an end.

I’m laying on this couch at 5 in the morning.

Goodnight Lab. I’ll forever be in mourning.



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