Knight Hawk - Initation

To tell a story of the famed Knight Hawk

Listen whilst I remember, recall

Ready not yourself for a tale of sweet

For he was never such a declious trait

Knight Hawk began as a boy of late

Blooming after others made their beat

Wishing he were like them above all

Lest he fall behind as ladies at others gawked


Knight Hawk grew as he should

Acted as he should, even normal thought

But in the end, his true tendencies escaped

As he gazed about all that could be his

He was chastised for such thoughts of his

His Master Knight striking him with rage

In punishment for negligence he caught

Apprentice Hawk was his name be it would


Apprentice Hawk had yet to overcome 

Even the slightest of the obstacles before him

The anger within him always spurring

Always growing, tempting him with thoughts salacious

He knew not how to contorl such anger dangerous

Even his Master Knight knew only of teaching punishing

However it failed over and over again

Leading to Apprentice Hawk's broken calm


Apprentice Hawk endured as others triumphed

Through their training they became the Knights

The Heroes, the ones of the ladies dreamed

While Apprentice Hawk remained in misery

Fighting the same obstacles that he

Could never understand it seemed

The obstacles never buckled before his sights

Firm as his anger inside lumped


Apprentice Hawk such ignorance he beheld

Little known did he have such sadness

Within that caused such torment out

Leading to his anger refueled anew

A vicious cycle it became as he grew

A man now, he stares at the world out

Wondering when he earns the holiness

Title of Knight so he may be one to herald

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My country
Our world
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