Kitty's Story


United States
42° 51' 51.606" N, 87° 54' 49.9212" W

There was a time when all my hope was gone
I was kicked to the curb without doing wrong
My owner had way too many of us to give care
She was sick, had a warehouse of us somewhere
Instead of letting authorities give us homes
We were abandoned in the freezing cold to roam
A snow storm raged and I lost all my friends
I stumbled around, thinking it was the end
Under a car, I hid, in the closest parking place
From the bitter frost that whipped at my face
Shivering and crying, I was noticed by one man
In total desperation, I followed him closely
He tried to ditch me, but I didn’t care mostly
My persistence paid off; he picked me up- hooray!
And from that moment on I knew I would be okay
Thanks to that man, I am now a spoiled house cat
His children adore me and I must say I love that
Four times a day I get delicious food to eat
And sometimes even the occasional kitty treat
I am so thankful not to be roaming the streets
Because living life loved is pretty darn sweet

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