The Key to Your New Life (by John Roy a current student at UCCS)


School is such a juggle, of books, papers, and tests,

The hope is that in the end, you will finish best,

That you will hold that paper, the key to your new life,

The key that will support, your husband or your wife,


That key will afford you, a chance at your new career,

Towards becoming a true adult, a thought you once had feared,

But fear not you hopeful student, because you have a great hope,

A hope that your own school, has taught you all the ropes,


The time you spent cramming, for that test the very next day,

Might have simply taught you, that time management is the way,

Or perhaps your school’s meal plan, gave you new food choices,

And taught you that when it comes to health, you are never voiceless,


And maybe that young student, you once were eying in class,

Will become the one in the future, that will forever last,

Perhaps when your room got stinky, you eyed your rotten clothes,

And learned the mystery of laundry, a skill not everyone knows,


Beyond just the line, that can be added to your resume,

Are valuable lessons, that you have been learning everyday,

Beyond just a paper, you will ever earn from college,

Is a growing list of events, that the wiser like to call “knowledge”,


So stand up tall, take your knowledge, and go grab your brand new life,

But don’t forget to respect, your soon husband or your wife,

And don’t forget your countless skills, don’t let them fade away,

But most of all learn from your past, and reflect on your college days,


Good luck from a current student, who has already started his career,

And feels much like a real adult, a thing I no longer fear…


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