The Key to Navigating Turbulence

My transition into adulthood has been accompanied by a series of mistakes. I’ve failed friends in their time of need; felt the regret a little too late. I’ve sacrificed my own self worth in trade for boys handing out limitless heartaches. I’ve indulged in toxic behavior at a detrimental rate. I thought my unresolved pain was justification enough for a string of selfish acts.  I sought comfort from outlets that had none to give.And in retrospect, that was no coincidence. In my downward spiral, I was not fighting to live. I adopted a complex of blame and permissiveness. Oddly enough, my spite would beckon a true blessing into my life. Grace. It sounds ambiguous. But it’s actually quite tangible, with its fruits everywhere:Friendships, that were previously broken, choosing to trust a new start;Nights that no longer idolize smoke, but appreciate fresh air;And girls who finally understand the value of their heart. Grace meets you where you are in your journeyAnd presents you with unconditional love and forgiveness. It washes away the influence from past guilt.With new resilience, it shows you how to be fearless And how to redirect focus away from tears spilt.  I have many things I am grateful for.I also have many things I could live without,But all I need in this world is grace embedded in my core. This anchor has seen me through my periods of doubtAnd will surely be beside me through turbulence to come.        

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