kept Inside.

Not a day goes by when I think of how boring my life could get. How social media swallows an individual's soul. As my mother bickers to me as she tells my phone to leave me alone. I was becoming consumed by the technology I thought was my friend, it was draining me mentally and physically. I had to turn to something more ratifying something that could still consume me but I had full control. As I was sitting at my desk which felt like a cage, I was the little lion trapped inside. when a teacher with love in her eyes told me to take out a piece of paper and pencil. She looked at me with care in her heart and told me to write. She told me that writing was a way to let your soul speak when your heart was weary. I took that piece of paper and pencil and wrote things I never thought I could come up with, she was holding the keys to the cage and let me free. Although I still felt trapped not wanting to leave the cage from where I became accustomed too, she saw potential in me that I alone would never want to see. She opened a door that I had kept closed not wanting to know what was inside. And what was inside was this poem.


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