Keep Me Living, Breeze



My favorite thing to do is feel a tenacious breeze

Let it take me away and forget about my sorrows

It blows so perfectly on my nose, lips, and knees.

Often I wake and find myself dreading tomorrow

Its almost like I lost control to a crippling disease

Screaming, realizing there is no love to borrow

When I think I've seen defeat, in my palms lay keys

They remind me life can be hard to steadily follow

That understanding only comes with a breeze

The wind allows me to relax, breath, and swallow

Walk away from seeking the quick way to ease.

My closest friends see life as where you wallow,

And embrace things even if they feel displeased.

Why do they get to walk in a pool so shallow

While I’m desperate to stay afloat in rocky seas

Believe me when I say I’ve seen too many lows

Familiar feelings keep me hopeful like a tease

That  keep me believing in a brighter tomorrow

Perhaps, I should be grateful for the old breeze.


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