I worry that the heartbeats

will no longer be beats

but soft thumps


That they will not pound

against the ribs

nearly breaking them


you’re so strong


want to be so free

That now the heart-thumps

lightly tap

having given up on

the want to be free


maybe that is

your choice

of freedom then


The kind that comes


the heartbeats turn to


and the heart-thumps

turn to



And the kind of freedom

when the ribs nearly break-


with the will to be free

and turns to acceptance

of the ribs

stopping you


living stronger


Is this the kind of freedom you want?


If so take me with you

to show me where you are

so that I may take you with me

to show you my freedom


If your heart may stop

let me take you with me

so that I may lay my hands upon your heart

and show them what love is

so I can start the beats again


Please Please


Let me show you my freedom


Please Please

Let me show you mine

so that we can be free together


Freedom after all has two e’s

so that we could be together

and we can live




This is amazing. 


Thank you!


Your talent, just...wow. How does one render a talkative person speechless? write something as beautiful as this. 

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