just a phase


"we'll pray for you
you're just confused.
it's just a phase.
everyone goes through this."

goes through what, exactly?

loving another girl so much that you can't check your horoscopes without checking hers first?
walking through the city and being reminded of her through everything you see?
losing your breath at the thought of her hands touching yours? 
being comforted only at the thought of her laying in bed next to you?
saving each of her voicemails so you can listen to her voice when you are lonely?  

or is it the closed minds of the people who are supposed to be closest?

the fact that my brothers and sisters and siblings are

being beaten and bullied,
taking their lives,
living in shame,
living on the streets,
and afraid to be who they are

just because they can't love another person
so much that they can't check their own horoscopes without checking


first unless you have given your approval?

everyone goes though what, exactly?

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I think this one is my favorite, tbh

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