Just A Person


Who Am I Underneath?

Not the same as the outside

Depression runs in my viens

Suicide runs through my mind

Fear shakes me awake

Some of the times.

With a #filter I laugh 

And help save adults from their problems

But to be quite honest, 

With #nofilter 

I can't even save myself.

I was never beaten or raped

Or held from a good childhood.

Its just who I am.

Society has helped bring me down

Even though I was already below the ground

And words have been sharper then knives

Stabbed into my already feeble mind

Which is already bleeding

Who am I underneath?

With #nofilter I am damaged



But I am getting stronger

Not all is lost

As Depression runs throuh my viens

I remember

I am important

Everybody is Important.

Underneath I am damaged,

But not Broken.


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