Just An Ordinary Day


Everyday all day , I look down.
Everyday all day , all I do is observe , build and dissipate through the beautiful sky.
Everyday ..  Everyday.

Every morning I build and build into only   what creatures of all kind's call names. 
Every morning  I Roam the open skies as I take in the suns bright rays.
Every morning  I see flowers thrive , and creatures of all kind spring alive. 
Every morning I feel blessed 
Every morning I try and make the best. 

Some days as the day goes by creatures 
Just make me want to cry.
But I retain my tears 
Some days though .. 
Some days I get so angry I strike and Darken the beautiful sky with a Roaring cry!    
Releasing bottled up tears 
Wondering why must the world feel so cold .
Why must I feel so alone ? 
But then I see the beauty my tears have created   and I'm suddenly struck with joy 

For I am filled with endless love due to the power of  an unforseen love.
So why must I get sad , mad, or upset. 

 I just stare up, and praise. 
Always dreaming of a better day. 


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