Just Me

I am me, that's who I am.

I don't go by your rules anymore.

I am not just your pretty girl,

I am so much more.

I am a boy, a girl, neither, both,

I am one, I am anything and everything.

I am my own person, and I am me.

I am unique, and I will be myself.

You will try to mold me into a perfect child, but I will never fit.

I do not exist to please you, or meet your expectations.

I cannot be someone who I'm not.

I will dress and act and look how I so please.

I will not live up to your expectations to make you happy.

I will make myself happy before I put anyone else first.

I may look like the perfect girl.

Pretty face, long hair, nice body, the package deal.

But beneath it all, behind my facade,

Lies just me, an entity of flaws and stardust.

I want to be accepted and loved.

If only you could see beyond the surface, beyond the binary,

You would find me floating in space, with a smile on my face.

I am tired of hiding who I am.

I want to show my true colors.

I want to walk free without being afraid.

You can choose to not accept me,

But that will be your loss, not mine.

I am amazing, a true work of art, a beautiful star.

I am a galaxy in this universe, unique and perfect in my own way.

My gender and sexuality should not matter to you,

If you truly care, because that is my business, and mine alone, not yours.

I will love who I love.

I will be who I am.

You cannot change me.

You can never change me.

Because I am me, my own person.

That's who I am.

Just me.




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