Just can't seem to forget you

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 11:50 -- terisa



It seems like the only thing on my mind is you

No matter how much I try forgetting you, all I do is think of you.

In the day time I see you

In my dreams I see you

When I close my eyes I see you

Then there is reminisce of the times we had together

And the emotion that I felt when in your arms storms into my brain 

Yes it storms into my brain oh wait! Watch out! It’s ah hurricane

You better bolt down your heart so the winds wouldn’t blow it away

You better Glad rap brain so the rain won’t wet it away

And don’t forget to tie your legs with mental cords and bag wire

Because when the wind and rain intensify, is pressure 

And pressure does lead to pain and pain does lead pleasure

Then the hurricane subsides and the aftermath is disaster

So you are alone again and depression is what you suffer


Yes depression is what I suffer 

All I do is lie in bed and watch at the ceiling

I can’t even cry because you were never worth my tears

I can’t sleep because I am afraid that that sound would start to play in my mind

You know that song, I am sure, you heard, that song before

You know the one that starts with the lyrics I love you

You love me, you love me


I can’t believe that I was fooled

By this foolish fable that de old folk use to tell

It told of how feasible love is at first sight,

Yea right

I feel so feeble

“Feebleness of will brings about weakness of head, and the abyss, in spite of its horror, comes to fascinate us, as though it were a place of refuge. Terrible danger! For this abyss is within us; this gulf, open like the vast jaws of an infernal serpent bent on devouring us, is in the depth of our own being, and our liberty floats over this void, which is always seeking to swallow it up.”


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