Just Brown

I ate too much chocolate, they said.

Eating too much chocolate, makes my eyes and hair brown.

Just brown.

But I wanted blue eyes and yellow hair.

I stopped eating all my chocolatey treats, in hopes to get rid of my simple brown-ness.

Boys wouldn't like a scrawny 6-year old with moussy brown.. well.. everything!

I ate extra-buttered popcorn and Blue Raspberry frooties to no ends,

So I didn't have to be, just brown.

Eventually Junior High rolled around, it wasn't chocolate keeping my eyes and hair brown.

"I really have to stay brown?!  Forever?!", I would think.

All dyes faded away, like my confidence every day.

Revealing my true self and taking away my mask.

The Just Brown self.

Cute boys didn't like brown, girls would say.

Golden hair with sky eyes, seeming perfection that could never be mine.  

High School hit like a freight train of other insecure people.

And I was still just brown.

However, compliments came. 

One after one, and day after day.

Deep chocolate hair and eyes, they said. That was infinitely more than the mud I saw.

I hopped off the freight train of insecurities, and realized I was more than happy to be,

just brown.


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