Just Another Statistic


A test score does not determine my capabilities;

how quickly I can bubble in answers does not measure my intelligence.


I am not a statistic,

another paycheck,

a number.


When I graudate I will not credit you

for what I struggled to learn by myself.

What you were to busy to teach me

a textbook did in your place,

the internet,

somebody who cared.


You do not "support" me,

you only demand and criticize.

You are a dictator of thought.

Why is education standardized,

when you admit people are not "standard"?


I am tired of holding my tongue.

How can you demand respect

while justifying your lack of basic courteousy towards students

solely on the basis that we are inferior?

We are no less deserving of respect

because of our age.


Don't dismiss positive motivation;

praising academic accomplishments is so much more motivational

than being verbally assaulted and criticized and constantly belittled by a teacher

who doesn't understand

that students make mistakes

and are normal people too.

Inspiration, after all,

takes you so much farther than fear.


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