This infamous word ”just”

Just break the chains that hold you captive

Just release the anchor that holds you to the lowest depths of suffocation

Just relinquish the fire that is scolding your senses

Just cut the rope that has formed the noose around your neck

Just paint a new picture or write a new song

Just keep sight of the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel while the darkness covers your eyes

Just write a new story with the pen that was never in your possession

Just heal over the name that has been carved into your being

Just fall out of love.

Well my “just” is far different

My just is in a bulletproof safe and only you have the key

My just holds a gun to my head

My just has wrapped me up in barbed wire and watched the blood run down my tainted skin My just laughs at my suffering

My just has fallen into such a deep pit of Hell that I would have to meet Satan himself to find it

And I still love him.






This is beautiful, it really is. I really like the way you wrote this, because you and I have similar writing styles. I just started my account so hopefully what ever I put up is as good as this. Good job

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