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It all started when things were "No longer at ease", for Chinua Achebe,
 He has to take it because it was like " Things Fall Apart".

There was a need to help the situation and "The People of the city" were involved by  Cyprian Ekwensi,
 Life is a struggling game so "Weep not,  Child" elder Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o advice.

This child was"The only son" of John Munonye,
 and his mother was once "The Concubine" of Elechi Amadi,
But Chinua Achebe has turn out to be"A man of the people".

Achebe grow admiration and was known as "Mine boy" by elder Peter Abraham,
 who was the best friend of Aluko T.M that always believed that life is a "One Man, One Matchet " journey

Achebe has been lucky since his birth and he is "The Arrow of God",
send to the "River between" where Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
"Only Son"John Munonye lived.

Mugo Gatheru who is the "Child of Two Worlds"
 told  Aubrey Kachingwe that there is "No easy Task",
and going to " Efuru" with  Flora Nwapa
is "A narrow path" Francis Selormey and Achebe want to take for their
"Kinsman and foreman " Aluko, T. M.

Djoleto,  was "The strange man"
 who believes that every man is fighting his own demon and this was known when
Bediako Asare   "Rebel" against
 Sonne Mbella  Dipoko, "Because of Woman " failing to adhere to the saying of
 Ayi Kwei Armah that "The beautiful ones are not yet born"

 You see marriage is a journey which sankawulo must endure with Wisdom because "Nobody Knows When He will die",
It is a journey that is less travel
The Road Not Taken"Even by Frost

Though it might have led to "Paradise Lost"
Milton was there in the middle of the line
When Nelson Mandela told him that this road is a "Road to Freedom ", and behind it live a man name Amadu Yulisa Maddy,   that has " No past, No present, No future".

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