The Jazz of Raindrops

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 01:37 -- Rhye___

I lay in bed, caressed by my warm covers.

Staring out of the window; that is littered,

With translucent, tiny little bulbs of water.

I hear it. I hear it against my window.

Listen, As it softly pits and patters steadily on the glass.

My body is falling; oh, I'm so drowsy, I can feel this.

The same song, the same natural lullaby,

Makes me at ease.

My eyes are drooping, I can feel sleep calling me.

That melody, that rhythm... it's making me sleepy.

I can hear it softly touching the emerald green leaves,

I can see it slowly falling from the sky.

Ah, rain, keep making your music.

I'm falling deeper into this intangible embrace. Rain, your music enthralls me.

I'm enraptured in your beauty, I'm hypnotized by your steady descent,

From the sky above.

You make my sleep easy, you make it smooth,

And when I wake up, and you're still there, I'll feel it all over again.

Your music is like smooth jazz to my ears,

As I listen to the soft whisper of your impact.

And when I hear your music; I'll know that, relaxation has come.

That soft, melodious sound. That pitter-patter against my window,

Mesmerizes me.


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