Sun, 10/26/2014 - 14:03 -- JRKav

Golden fur soft as fleece

Asleep is the only time she's ever at peace

Tail as fluffy as a plume

You can hear it any time you enter the room

Two warm brown eyes, four furry paws

Loving like it's a law

When the collar's slipped, she runs through fields

No matter how hard I yell, she never yields

Round, round, round the yard she'll go

Bounding, like a rabbit, through the snow

Chasing herself in circles, hoping to catch

That evil tail she always tries to snatch

Loved by most, hated by some

We'll just cuddle on the couch like a couple of bums

And waste away our Saturday

Watching movies on Blu-ray

While I'm so busy getting work done

She just lays out in the sun

Wasting the day away without a care

Just happy to know I'm right there

Tonight I'll go to bed, shut the door, begin my mend

She'll wait for tomorrow, when we can play again



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