At one time, Darling, you were everything I hoped for.

You were my answered prayer,

My shot at happiness.

You were the one, I thought.

With your moonlight smile,

And your chocolate chip eyes.

But, you hid Caesar in your face.

Herod brooded in your brow.

You were the apple to my Snow White.

You were the fire to my kerosene.

You came silently, patiently.

You waited until I trusted you and you took control.

I was your puppet.

I was a sheep in wolf’s clothes.

You left me vulnerable.

You left me naked,

My body exposed to Orion’s curious eye.

Lover, I was Jericho and you were the patient marcher.

My walls fell, my heart broke.

I broke.

And I am left somewhere in between gratitude and hatred.

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