I've tried to escape

I've tried to escape from my pain and sorrow

I want to get a way but my shadow follows

Light does not shine on me

For I seem not to let it be

Life has captured me

And it won't let me free

I have a story to tell

Promise that you'll embrace me

So I will not fail

If you're there beside me

Fear holds me

I'm in shackles

Death is near me

For I fight this battle

How long will I fight

I say to you

What? Until night arrives

Or till there's no more you

Do you see

Do you understand

All the pain and suffering

I hold in my hands

How do I express myself to you

When will you ever know me

Do I have to do a show and tell

For you to understand me

Let me hit the pause button

And let my life rewind

Now allow me to push to the play button

As my life begins to unwind

This is my beginning

The flowers are barely blooming

I'm seeing this our family

So happy and soothing

Day by day

Another day gone away

Still a smile on my face

As you stand with arms to embrace

What is going on in front of my eyes

Why is everyone disappearing

Is this reality

Or did life fool me

Darkness has risen above me

Where is my family

Why are there strangers around me

Why did you abandon me

Feelings of isolation

Seeking for some attention

Losing a child's innocence

Without a family's protection

I see some changes

I see some familiar faces

Everyone looks so joyful and content

But it only seemed to last for a moment

Oh how I wished it was yesterday

Why did today have to arrive

Oh how I wished it was yesterday

Before you decided to walk out on my life

How it feels to not have you

I can't even see your face

Neither get the chance to hold you

Feels like everything has been erased

These feelings are drowning me

My tears no longer fall from my eyes

And I always wonder how you're feeling

And if any tears fall from your eyes

It seems like forever

When will this ever end

How could a daughter live without her father

Will happiness ever come again

There is a new me

A side of me you never knew

Where pain is upon me

This was my answer to you

Look at me, I've gone crazy

Doing wrong from right

As you did nothing to help me

For I did this every night

Still you were blind

And couldn't deal with the facts

That I was going through a difficult time

And as you wished you had your little girl back

Where did you go

Was I the reason

Why did you go

Please give me a reason

My pain carries on to new heights

Now I'm in serious trouble

Those who love me are filled with fright

Yes I'm the one doing this, no stunt double

You can keep turning the pages of my life

There are no answers to what I've done

Now I'm a patient in this asylum

There are no places to go, nowhere to run

Now I'm breaking free from my pain and sorrows

In hope for a better day, another tomorrow

Trying to head for the right direction

Digging up the roots to the meaning of life

Turning my failures into corrections

Thanking God that I'm still alive

The feeling of love has finally surrounded me

And I'm seeing those brigher days of life

My pain has turned into dust, and I'm finally happy

I'm searching for my purpose

And I'm spreading wings

Looking within my soul

As I begin to finally breathe

Now I have come to an end

Painted a clear picture

This is it, fin

My past will not reflect upon my future



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