it's like your least favorite shirt

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 01:22 -- alliik


it's like your least favorite t-shirt 

you shove it in the bottom of your closet 

so you can barely see it, 

the only bit visible is the hem of the sleeve. 

But you don't throw it away. 

You kept it as an option. 

Each day as you dress you can see that hem 

poking out, 

it's just an option though. 

You don't put it on till you're 

so worn out in your clothes 

that it is the best option, 

Finally your put on that shirt 

and by now it's not even ugly 

its just an old and reliable option. 

You put it on and you never take it off. 

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Love this! I can relate to this and it gave me a new outlook on my situation. Thanks. Beautiful words.

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