It's Late

Mon, 05/25/2015 - 22:46 -- iamtime

It's late at night that I realize why I'm here,
Never during the light,
Never in the sight of the world.
It's now,
Feeling like I might be someone,
That every song sounds like you.
My mind isn't clear,
It never is,
The tangle of my thoughts somehow coalesces into something beautiful.
But only when no one can reach me.
When I can't share that I could truly soar in this life,
That I want to see everything,
That I can do anything.
I'm not sad though,
You're here oddly,
Not preventing my mind from dancing,
But rather becoming the catalyst for greater thoughts.

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It seems like a person is trying to reach light in the dark.

I like how you used "catalyst" as an object that brings lots of thoughts! :)


The tangle of my thoughts...what a beautiful expression. You are gifted! More, more, please post more!

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