It's Dark Inside

In a dream I was surrounded by darkness

It was a cold vast emptiness

The creeping feeling of things at my feet

In this void emptiness consuming me

I felt the pain in my legs

a numbing and painful bleeding

My body tingles and starts to lose feeling. 

Voices echo in the dark, 

As a cold knife stabs me in the back

Laughter like children but somehow sinister

I cannot see, its getting hard to breathe.

The voices get more and more loud

Can't try to block them out their words are just sounds

Something is tearing at my back

Above me a dim light is cast

As I look into it the brightness shines

The voices hiss and cry.

I see the teeth and claws beneath me

Stained in red from my blood they've shed

My wings are darkening and appear dead.

I cannot fly, fear to get out alive

I reach towards the light, stretching my limbs and I fight.

Reaching for something I cannot see but know is there,

Only hope can take me away from here



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