It's Like This.

It starts off as a thought in your head that you slowly try to push away.
As days and weeks go by it turns into a question that needs an answer. "Should I?" "Do I really want to?"
The first time you try it, the stench surrounds you and the drug has no affect so you think it just isn't for you.
You think about trying it again after a few days, just to see if you need to get used to it to feel it's effect.
So you take the piece, pack it, light it and inhale. Hearing the grass burn less than 2 inches from your face and you play with the way you inhale to hear a change in the burn.
Theres no immediate taste, but when you pass it you have a gross kind of ashy burnt taste in your mouth. Your fingers are sticky still from packing the bowl.
It comes up to you again and this time you take a stronger hit, you inhale it deeper and close your eyes and for 3 seconds time slows down.
It kicks in. Some laugh because you're a lightweight and they all can't get high until the second bowl.
Your eyes are red and low and glossy. Your hands reek of smoke and ash. Your mouth has a disgusting aftertaste. You sit there watching everyone get high. Just sitting there with your own thoughts to fill up your head with nonsense. Everything around you feels alive and slow.

You start to feel the need to smoke more so you rejoin the rotation. You offer yourself up to get as high as you can. It'll only take about 5 or 7 more hits before you just can't do it anymore. You've never felt this way before. Everyone gets into a deep discussion on how weed isn't a drug but you know.
A drug is something that alters your perception on how and what you see, your brain chemicals, your brain activity. Isn't this feeling you have, this high, a result of a change in your brain? Regardless if this is simply a plant. A flower bloomed off a bush. It is indeed a drug so you stay quiet, keeping your new idiotic discovery to yourself along with so many others that are only in your mind thanks to the high.

I've been there. I'm still there.


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