It starts with us.

Awareness is a word in which we tend to agree, something that inspires us to set the lost people free.  We listen to the presentations, see the kids suffering from malnutrition, the hunger in their eyes, the bloated bellies.  All of this is duly noted, as we see their eyes of sadness, we start to be overcome by all of the lies. that change is impossible. that nothing can be done, we might as well keep running this race by the beat of the normal kick drum.  Poverty is global, human trafficking is astronomical, the numbers are on the rise, going up each second as another person dies...  Hope is no where to be found, all you can hear is the ringing sound of nothingness, nothing is being done, or said or shared, because the people who fought for freedom are actually really scared...

But we come from the land of the free and the home of the brave, and we should be fighting for peoples rights until our heads hit the grave.  Injustice is not something that comes and then it's gone, it is a poison that will contaminate humanity until were done. We must stand up, rip the duct tape from our mouths, be a voice for the voiceless, raise your voice, let's hear you shout. Not one more person will be exposed, not one more child abducted. No more slave trade, only fair trade, Let's see an end to this corruption... Because we can do it, if we try It is possible to take a stand, and demand that each person be treated fairly, be treated equal. 

You see we are all in this together, we are fighting the same fight, don't think it doesn't matter who lives and who dies.  Take off the blind fold society has tied too tightly around your eyes, then you will see we are all people, we're more than statistics, more than names, we come from one creator, we are the same, that's just it, we are all the same.  So rise up you generation take a stand, stop sitting still, take a hold of what is yours. Don't live only for the thrill.  Together we can change the world, imagine if you will... where you live shall no longer determine if, and at night you can lay your head, safely on your pillow and know the breath before you fall asleep won't be your last. If we all leave a footprint, what footprint will be yours?  It is only you who make the choice, the choice to choose is only yours. 

What would the world be if we not only spoke the truth in word but in deed. The spirit of the Lord is upon us to bring the good news to the afflicted, to bind up the broken hearted, and to set the captives free. You see, if we all did our part? Took up our shields and shattered through this darkness. Don't you want to be a witness?  To say I used the gifts God placed in my hands.  Don't you want to tell your grandchildren when they are sitting on your knee, that you gave it all you had to set the lost people free.  You gave your whole life, you did everything you could, you were just doing all the things that a normal person should... And with everything you did one more would do the same, until that tiny drop of difference turned into a down pour of change.  You can smile at the sky and say my generation did it, the time was now and we made sure not to miss it...

So close this link, turn off your screen.  Get up from your desk and bow your knees. Ask The Lord what is your part to fight for the issues laid firmly on His heart.  You don't have to be a super hero to change someones life, you just have to be obedient and fight the good fight

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