Is It Really Living?


In our world today

People are fixated on the possible and not the impossible because people convince them it's unreachable.

People now live off of love that isn't real and the quantity of money that so happens to weigh their happiness.

And all of those who suffer, just like you and I, are the ones who see outside of that.

But unfortunately those who are truly unhappy behind all of the materialistic things bring us down with them.

People are taking advantage of all the wrong things and not praising the rare things in their life.

She is so precious, her beauty, and her originality.

There is nothing she could repeat that would ever be the same.

People pass by her as though she is nothing - treating her like an unnecessary tool we need in life.

Her name is Time.

We've all come to be too impatient to commend the minutes we are given.

And in the end, we can't help but fill our lungs with the bits of toxic greed that accompanies the air.

What is the definition of this so called "originality" you always tell me to be?

People live off of the things that have already been inventedmanifested, and thought-of.

We are all standing around and waiting for someone else to answer the question for us.

I'm bored of looking around and seeing everyone accept failure as an answer.

Now: Here we all are writing poetry and books on the love we wish we could experience and the endless possibilities we wish we could get out of life. Some of us feel as though literature can save us. Help us escape from this lawful place called "living". We're all caged inside, and those aching are the ones wanting to break free. 

Because that's our world today

It's easier for us to focus on the negativity that is consuming us even in our sleep, but we must not let it define who we are. 

Could you imagine a world of no hurt, pain, immortality, and lawlessness?

Oh, how corrupt we would all be; 

A world without pain is a world without strength,

A world without hurt is a world without health,

A world without immortality is a world without value,

A world without law is a world without morals.

Embrace the sickness we all carry in our minds for that is what makes us human.

Don't be ashamed because you feel stuck, lost, empty...

Strap yourself onto the wall of hope and begin to climb because there is a treasure of confidence and balance waiting at the top.

I promise.

Human nature is an odd and precious thing, but that is what makes it so beautiful. 

I believe that our lives, every single one out there, is a stepping stone leading us to the greater good.

Yes, I understand that when we put our rain boots on to go play out in the rain, disappointment could fill those rubbery protection barriers up to our knees.

But maybe we could look down and admire the disappointment. Smile and know that it is nature's way of telling us we can mold it into something stronger: Hope.

I can only hope that people get to a place where they take all the hurt in their lives and embrace it. Saying, "Yeah, I was depressed once upon a night," beginning to smile, "but now I know I am stronger from that night forward."

It only seems unfair that it is so much easier to drown in the sorrow rather than praise our fortunes.

Human nature is an odd and precious thing, but that is what makes it so beautiful.

I am not going to let the cynical characters in our world define who I am.

I am my own hope,

My own living,

My own fate.

Because that's what I wish our world would be like one day.


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