It makes us feel limitless

Music is what gets us high school students through the day. Pretty much everyone has earbuds in their ears and the music cranked up. Teachers think were anti-social, but that's not the case. Music is the only way we can escape from our lives at school and at home. Music changes how we feel, it can bring us to the darkest places and the best places in our lives. I can guareentee you that you have listened to really sad music just to make yourself feel terrible even if your okay. It sounds crazy, but for some reason we do it without questioning it. It helps us feel, it's a way to remind ourselves that we still care and have emotions. There's times where we listen to songs that make us feel like were on the top of the world, untouchable. Music helps us find ourselves, it tells us what we like, molds our behavior. Music helps us through break ups, getting over what we want to hold on too. It's the thing that we dance to on our wedding day. It's what we listen to when getting ready for our sports. It's what we sing to show pride in our country. It's what we play at a funeral to honor a loved one. It's what make movies more unpredictable.  It's what makes driving on a dirt road on a summer night more fun. It's what we dance to at homecoming and prom. It's what we chant at sporting events. It's what we sing in school plays and in theather. It's what our teachers tell us to turn down during lectures. It's what we listen to on a beach vacation. It's what brings back all of the memories we loved and hated. It's what drives us to follow our dreams. It's what dancers perform to and make their own. It's what composers compose. It's what musicians play. It's what artists use to convey their message. It's what motivates us to make a change. It's the one thing that can describe our lives perfectly at any given time. It's the universal force that connects us all. So yeah, teachers think were anti-social, but really were all connected because of it. We talk about it constantly, we don't talk about math, english, science, and history. Because it's not  who we are. Music is our history in stone, not some plan that is forced upon us. It's what were interested in. It's what makes us cry. It's what makes us scream. It's what allows us to dream. It's what allows us to smile, to love, to be, to feel, to do, to believe. It makes us feel limitless.


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