It Isn't Over

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 11:02 -- CJP001


There is nothing

like the buzzing

of your own heart

in your own ears.

Nothing greater

nothing worse

only dissonant

rhythmic changes

as you rise

and fall.

The pound



of pulse

breaking through


blue veins,

coaxing a response

out of limp,

lifeless wrists.

You scratch,

nothing but swift,

apathetic strokes

while knives

slice pomegranates

too full

too excited

to resist

spilling everything.

One inch

is one state

two miles

of thousands

on the map

but the key


the most convenient

escape routes.

If you want to


and feel,

find refuge,

be alive:

fight with the dirty deckhands,

throw your hands up,

let it be.



I wrote this while tangled up in a battle between my heart and my brain. My whole body, really. There are elements of heartbreak and depression woven into it. A longing for normalcy and fresh breath.

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