It gets Lonely

It gets lonely sometimes

When you are your ony friend

The popular girl 10 months ago

Has finally met her end

At least thats what it appeared to be

Parties drugs and alcohol

all slowly consumed me

No one really noticed how lonely she was

Untill the day she fell apart and got off the bus

She ran home barging open the door

She knew she had to confess to her mom

Sge tried to overdose the night before

With intentions to kill

She locked herself in her own doom

When her therapist came

And said you're going to the emergency room

It gets lonely sometimes

When you're being hospitalized

When the guy you loves leaves you

And everyone tells lies

After 10 ddays she returned to her normal life

Which also included cutting herself with a knife

She felt lonely again

As her mom was always with her boyfriend

She knew the rules she thought she could bend

She snuck in a compaion

So she would no longer be lonely again

Her mom came home that night and kicked her out

The lonliness was back by no doubt

Her neigbor found her laying in the street

He gave her a change of clothes and a jacker

Then took her out to eat

They discussed the boy her once loved, who was now with his sister

About the cuts on her wrist, and how he wanted to kiss her

His phone started ringing, it was his mom

Get her home soon, before the cops come

The girl's mom went to the hospital from being in shock

Tge girl returned home with the dog, because the door was unlocked

The next moring she went to the park

Looking for someone who would take the dog

She found relief from everything through the cigarette fog

She stayed at a friends that night, hoping to return home in the morning

But what was waiting for her was more disurbing

It gets lonely sometimes

When you can't say goodbye

When you don't know its the last time you'll see your friends

When you lose all hope and want your life to end

No one really noticed how lonely she was

At her new school, she made new friends

But had a secret so cruel

The cuts got worst and her clothes had a stench

She was losing too much weight and spoke fluent french

The was this guy in town who wouldn't leave her alone

When she felt suicidal, he took her hand and walked her home

It gets lonely sometimes

When you're at the bottom of low

When a stranger shouws up and takes you to the hospital

But instead of going home

You go into treatment

They say the cutting needs to stop, and that you are too thin

That you need to pull yourself together

And stop thinking about the end

But no one knowledges how lonely it gets

When your friends stop messaging back

And everyone calls you a bitch

You become a lifeless corpes for the next several months

But reality sneaks up and kisses you for once

You have no friends and no where to go

You have no life to return to, all you are is a shadow

So maybe its best if I end this now

As soon as I get discharged

I'll head out of town

I'll get a place of my own

And maybe meet some people on the way

I'll change my name and my identiy

And just live day by day

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