The thorns laying on your way,

The monsters that are hiding in the bushes,

But it’s all up to you

To conquer them

Whether they are easy,

Or difficult,

And it’s all up to your thoughts.


The test paper that is laying on your table,

A really scary monster that is torturing your brain,

But it’s up to you,

To just pick it up and show it your best,

Stepping on that monster and win over it

With pride and victory 


Avoid it

And you will be regret more than ever.


Look at that roller coaster,

It is so huge and 

Many steeps, loops and twists

The car is a cheetah chasing the prey

But it’s up to you

Whether choose to take a ride

With courage,

After all the screaming 

You may feel that it was fun and worth to try

Or whether you can be a chicken and avoid it

You’ll regret it

“Why didn’t I ride it earlier?”.


The new guy in your school,

So good looking and kind

As the Prince Charming in your dream

And it’s up to you,

Whether to have that bravery to come up to him,

And tell all of your deep thoughts.

He nods, congratulations he is yours now

Or he might not, that’s okay when he learn a new lesson

Whether you avoid him and only look at him from secret,

The chance that he is going to become yours will be extremely lower.


It’s all up to you,

To conquer them,

Those daily fears,

The obstacles that pop up in your way

Just pick them up,

play with them,

And enthusiastically deal with more obstacles

Then you thrive

Or step back from those obstacles,

And you will step more steps further back

But it’s all up to you,

Your attitude,

Your efforts,

Your integrity,

To deal with the challenges in your life

It’s all up to you,

And it’s all up to you.





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