This Isn't Me

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 14:02 -- miskris

Colors were bright
Spice was spicy
Sweet was sweet
Friends were fun
Life was life
And I was myself
But now it's different
I'm not sure what happened
My body is tired
and I sleep too much
The colors have faded
Friends disappear
Family is worried
I can't help but to think
What do I think I'm doing here?
Do I deserve all that color?
All the great tasting food?
What a waste of space
I must seem to you
To lay in bed
All day and night
Wondering what happened
To my old happy life
Tell me the truth
Are there others like me?
Why can't I just enjoy
Instead of wasting away
Now life is just life
And I am not myself
Tell me the truth
Are there others like me?


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