Invisible Chains


United States
39° 50' 58.4052" N, 75° 21' 20.6856" W

Chained down with metal unseen by the naked human eye
We were a mass paradox
Living in a country of freedom and liberty
But yet, not fully free

Our freedom was not given
But had to be earned with the invisible fighting fists
The fists of people who were angry
The fists were unseen by the naked eye

We fought peacefully
We fought with invisible punches
Invisible kicks
Invisible hits

We fought with words
With Signs
Rosa fought by staying seated
Martin fought by preaching

Medgar fought through the education system
Thurgood fought through the judicial system
We all marched
We all protested

We all fought for our rights
But we all did not survive
Martin, Malcolm, Medgar
And many more; murdered

They all fought
And we all conquered
We were not free in 1865
When the amendment was ratified

But here, right now
We are finally free
We have been freed from the invisible chains
We have fought for and earned our freedom

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