Invisible appearences

Day by day goes by and I see her pretty face, day by day and yet I can never get a taste.

Of what it feels like to have her as my own, with a lack of confidence to isolate me, to keep me alone.

Classes sitting next to her yet all my strength can muster up is hi, "Don't let it end there say something funny do something cool" those thoughts forever ramble in my mind.

Tells me her whole list of problems from her messed up man to the girl in the next class talkin' behind her back, yet I endure it all with just a cheerful smile cause of the fact that she said hi back.

"You're a sweet guy I wish more were like you." Yeah but I just wish you'd have some common sense too.

See I've observed you since day one repeating in my head the list of possibilities of how to approach you, From exchanging pleasentries to learning everything about you.

What makes you tick I wonder how do you live like this? When the supposed guy you want is staring at you or am I barely seeable like a slight mist?

"Oh that guy? yeah I know him he's weird but I guess he's cool" I overhear you say to your friends.

Just cool so I didn't even get a chance to see a relationship end.

Because to you I'm just your brother, to you I'm just "that guy", but to me you're more, more than the sky.

To me you're everything I want you to know this, but I'm kept at bay overlooked.

Invisible Appearances

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