Wed, 06/09/2021 - 19:51 -- mrapook

A procession of ants march on forever
to their labyrinth abode underground
carrying crumbs we left behind,
they militarily reorganize
after kicking down their mound.

sucking our blood with a mouthy lance.
in stagnant water mosquitoes multiply,
garbage squirming maggots breed
as houseflies become a nuisance

a tattooed red hour glass
the widows consumes their man,
their bite can induce us to be sick
do they enjoy when they harass?

though their pinch is not that bad,
Tarantulas are feared by most,
many have them as their pets
quite a scary passing fad.

as long as we leave them alone
honey bees go about their business,
yellow jackets are little meaner
aggressively swarming their home.

never able to exterminate.
we smack them and shoo them
and spray them with poison,
scorpion’s stingers intimidate.

beginning of time has proven, that
insects and roaches are invincible,
no matter how many we squash with our foot
they all keep coming back.

though many insects do their best
to try and get under our skin
some insects are not annoying
invite nature’s beautiful guest

ladybug o ladybug, land on me for love
royal monarchs optimistically bring luck
grasshoppers do exactly their name
and dragonflies erratically hover

Firefly’s flicker in the evening sky
night time crickets sing
colorful moths hang on a wall
as caterpillars crawl on by.

it's funny how this little tale
of the ying and yang of bugs,
is always mother nature's way -
keeping the balance without fail.

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