Insanity in bullying


I am unique,

I am different.

People can’t accept me

But I do not care.


They will hurt me,

And make fun of me,

But what is the use,

They are not me.


I tell others,

They did nothing.

Instead they keep coming

and coming,

and gang on me


What have I done,

What have I say?

Tell what to do,

But they just sock me down.


I will always come home bleeding,

Without a family to save me.

Everyone I love is gone,

And out of this world.




I always scream.


I want to leave,
I want to die,

but I cannot die

yet until they die first.


I will kill them first

than I’ll kill myself.

I will not be satisfied

until they have die!!!!


I want their blood all over me

I want to hear them screaming

and crying for help.

They are just toys for me,

my passtime thing


I’ll let them feel mighty at first,

then I’ll knock them off

and kill them all.


Death is my best friend.

Death is my soul.

I have no heart

because I sold it to him.


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