She held her head high,

Because her tears fell from the sky.

And she sat alone every night,

Because she wanted to die.


"Shhhhh," he said.

So she nodded her head.

He took her behind the scenes,

Gave her things she only had in her dreams.

His eyes sparkled as she laughed,

Their tongues played as they danced.


She drank from his cup of charm,

Yet, to her alarm,

The more she took,

The more her hands shook.

Lust and desire,

A goddess, a beast on fire.


She sunk her head,

She wouldn't get out of bed.

Her eyes always down,

She hated the sound


Of music and joy,

Of children and toys,

Because she knew.


He teased,

She did as he pleased,

Lying to herself she was still having fun,

Oblivious to what she had done.


Spoiling her youth,

All she wanted was the truth,

But no one cares.

When you fake a smile,

what's the truth?


You're lying to yourself.

She awoke with a start,

Worlds falling apart.

When vomit coated the porcelain throne

She knew she had to leave home.

They would never know.

How she felt, she could never say.


The things that played in her head,

The voices of dead,

Memories of a broken past.

Now she knew that nothing could ever last.


Fifteen years young,

But also three months old.

Hidden by her loose clothes,

A disguise, to his surprise.

Roaming the streets for food,


The monster in her belly kicked.

That's when she knew she was dying,

For love was difficult finding.

Innocence is a lie,

No one cares if you cry.


Go ahead and lay your head down,

No one sees your frown.

The end is near.

Don't worry, my dear.


A warm wetness spread through her,

And a pain she could not begin to explain.

Unable to remember where she was,

She sat, defeated,


She had nowhere to go.

Home was the cold and hard

Surface she slept on for a few hours.

Family was the fierce kicking

And homeless kittens.

She screamed in vain,

Not even the wind would hear her pain.

The world became shades of red,




The light faded.

In the distance, she heard a high pitched

Sound of lonely misery,

A cold mystery.

Below, she saw a little girl

Lying in an alley.

She heard the drunken voices of nearby bar goers .

She saw a wet, pink, and oh so fragile

Unhappy child

Mourning the loss of love

He would never know.



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