An Inevitable Change of Perspective

Naivety was the epitome of my childhood and adolescence 

Naivety barred me from the veracity of life

I was hopeful and enthusiastic 

Of life and it’s beginnings

Of everything that would come my way 

As I aged, the world began to alter

With everything I knew and everything about me 

My perspective, attitude, and personality 

All of it redefining itself

One day, I looked around 

And everything about my world displeasing 

It was no longer promising and eager 

Simply, distasteful and disappointing 

Again, I looked around 

Question what I had done wrong

Or what had happened 

To my once optimistic and zealous world 

Then my mother answered


Through trial and error

I had become wise 

But adulthood proved to be frustrating

Pros and Cons outweighed one another

Consequences inevitable 

One wrong move and your life could implode 

In childhood, maneuvering through life was easy 

Consequences weighed light 

With this realization, I became wide-eyed 

My perspective changed 

Viewing the bigger picture to my life 

’Tis was my epiphany

An epiphany of an unescapable life of adulthood



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