Incredulity at an Irritating Epiphany

Imagination takes us wondrous places
Who would believe I miss thee
Thy resilience of hope
I can’t say you’re quite optimistic of late
Respond to me, perhaps, with verity of heart?
Rancorous thou art
Shall I spend my years taming thou to the bluest shade of my complexion?
Nine, you are without quantity when measured of your obstinacy
Return from your repose
Reflect upon thyself
Reform reality your rage hath wrought upon this encampment
Needless to say it is of ridiculous respectability
Ridicule I rain down upon it, reproach even
Think once again on the motives propelling you to change
This mind you crave to function
Mapped out by the confines of the mundo externo
Gratis es el precio you charge to liberate tú mismo
No less a show of brutality than what would please Tarantino
Free to expect what you will, déme descanso
It is compulsory, my dear, dear friend
If I am to perish
Your blood will my blood be
Consequently, quite eternally
As the thanks from a flower to a diligent bee
You will be no more to me than a puff of cherry dust
Spring is a time for joy and brilliance, serve me thy intelligence on a paper plate
Grass green as greedy leaves growing gallantly on my ghost
You get the gist, gem-laden I contentedly contest
Radiance begets a house of lies constructed by the best deceivers of our time:
Man and the fruit he sells
The fruit he makes is the only kind he CAN sell
Blossoms and morsels organic were never expensive
He’s made nature a business, the shark
Yet not a single berry nor melon equates to the confectionary optimism
We slurp positivity through a straw
Unconcerned of the cup below the nectar
It’s going to run out, guys!
I’m positive this reality is a Wonderland
Alice beckons, but I truly do need to return home
How was I supposed to detect the foreshadowing of this grand farce?
The acrid stench of epiphany burns
I should have smelled it as clairvoyance weeks ago
Hindsight lingers as a water drop on a spring fern
‘T’would have been advantageous not to have to relearn
Imagination takes us wondrous places de donde one does not so easily return


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