Inadequate being!


Sometimes we want what others have
Sometimes what we have isn't good enough
We think of ourselves as inadequate beings
Because we had less opportunity more hard work
We  hope and pray that success comes our way
Then we envy those who are successful beings
Because we had the same path as them just more difficulty and hardship in life
We had bigger decisions to make and those decisions affected our future
Which means that success will eventually come but just at a slower pace
I say don't give up just keep on going
Just because you haven't arrive at that point in your life where you wish to be
This just means that you need to keep on going so you can rise to the occasion that was meant to be yours
We may had the same path but we had to endure different hardship
We mad had the same shot at life but we had to many negative bringing us down
We may had the same story but we had different financial situations
I say rise above the envy,
Rise above the jealously
Rise above the negativity
Rise above the financial hardship
Becoming who you want to be
Be successful
One day you shall be successful!


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