I'm Waiting for You

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 23:35 -- T_C

Once upon a time I told a friend that I was strong

I said I'm a tree that won't bend or break

My roots have taken hold and nothing can tear me out

My branches have taken shape

And I'll stand no matter wind or rain

So when you need me you'll know where to go

Where the bark is uncut and the soil is still good


But half way through the book, my friend had gone

With only two paragraphs to her name as a stark reminder

She didn't believe she was a main character 

Just the background in a picture with the caption

No One There


I wondered why she didn't follow the path that led to me

Because I was built like a garden

With an open gate and path with sweet stones

I had a sweet smell that rose above the flowers

And called to all who stood and flew and buzzed

I was filled with fireflies when darkness fell to light the way

And sunlight to brighten day

And just the slightest drizzle to make the trees and flowers strong

Why couldn't she have settled beneath the moon and let me light her way?


But only after years of carving her name into my heart and every page of my book did I understand

I was one book in a library filled to the brim

With pages of beautiful metaphors that couldn't speak to the person within

My cover was dull and ripped and broken and sad

My summary pitiful of lies and self-doubt

That a girl couldn't look to to save herself from what's within

My pages were boring and cracked and tired

And anything decent seemed written on or a mistake


Truthfully, I was not the tree that stood strong or the garden that provided a safe night

I was a book that some girl thought was just right

She bundled me up and took me home

She erased the rude marks previous owners had placed in my margins

And taped me up nicely wherever I had been torn

She dusted off my cover and read me nightly

And smiled sweetly at my typos


And every night I waited for her to fix me up and make me feel she loved me

Every night I smiled when she caressed my pages

Every night I told her worn out stories when she couldn't sleep

And kept her in mind to give anything she needed

I stayed on her pillow and kept her mind filled 

And touched her heart warm for every kind moment to a book no one wanted

And I waited for her each and every night


Then there was a night that I waited


Then there was a day that I waited



Then it was a week that I waited



Then a month that I waited



Then a year, but I waited






Please come home. I'm waiting for you.


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