I'm Scared

I’m scared

Not of the when and where

But whether you actually cared

I'm not prepared for a harsh truth
These days all we have is a misled youth

And about 10 generations with no proof

I was hoping they left us some clues

But the deeper i dig the more groping I find

Seems like the reaper is really in control

The only one who's safe is the underground mole

Because in actuality we all deserve coal in our stocking

For mocking the unfortunate

And worshiping the fortunate

Treated everyone no better than a hood ornament

But what do you expect when parliaments a game

And the only thing that matters is a rise to fame

Maybe that's why lately the world seems a little lame

Even when I’m hurling my life away

It hurts to know no one cares about my price to pay

It's like I only get one life

Why should I struggle through strife alone

Even if you're only there to make me moan

It's better than having no one

Telling my mind to just go on

Get your act together there's a show on

Get your mc flow on

No one ever said it’d be easy

But I just thought they were being cheesy

I may not be wheezy

My influence was Capital steez

But I’m still leaning

Not that I mess with codeine

But I’m starting to fiend

Just roll one with the dank weed

I always believed in trees

It’s the only thing I could see

I don't know If I'm really me

All i can do is believe.

After all

Even if you care

I’m scared.

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