I'm Not You....

I, will never meet your expectations

I, will always be a disappointment in someone else's eye

I, will never truly be me

I, will always walk in your footprints 

Do you Want to know why?

Because I am you

I dress like you

I talk like you 

I look like you

I think like you

I see the world like you do

I have the same taste just like you

I do everything the way you would've done it if you wear in my shoes

Because I am you 

I'm so happy you know me better than I know myself

I just get so confused on who I am sometimes

But Thankfully I have you

Because you remind me everyday that I am you

My thoughts are not my thoughts, there your thoughts 

My future isnt mines but it's your future

My friends? they're just like your friends you say

Don't ask me how you know that though when you haven't spent time with them

You dont know them like I do

You don't hang out with them

You don't know my friends and never will 

Because my friends are not your friends 

You're not me and I'm Not You...

My life isn't like your life ,i'm not you

My dreams aren't your dreams, i'm not you

My thoughts are nothing like yours, i'm not you

My style are not yours, because i'm not you

So stop saying i'm you because i'm not you

My life isn't yours its mines let me handle my life

We see the same road but we take it different ways

Because i'm not you

I read the signs on the road you skim by it

I take careful steps you pance around the street 

I know what want but your here just for fun

So lets end this game and say I won

because i've opeded up my eyes and can say that

I’m not you and will never be you

I am my own person.


           ~Faith Roland



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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